Welcome, to the wonderful world of noBackend,
where frontend developers build full stack apps,
without thinking about the backend.

noBackend by example

Invoice App (based on EditableInvoice by Chris Coyer)

Inspired by the wonderful TodoMVC, we created an example invoicing app that is implemented using today's noBackend solutions.

It's based on Chris Coyier's Editable Invoice, that he created back in 2009 as a showcase for an HTML-only app. We've tweaked the design a bit, and also added features that typically require a backend: User Accounts, Exports, Emails.

open Invoice App | source code


Wanting to create a simple Front-End Driven CRUD application with one of the various noBackend solutions was easy enough with Firebase & Hoodie.

After building the out Troopr with Firebase and then with Hoodie over the course of a weekend, I looked into the new hosting service provided by Firebase to deploy Troopr for others to see without forking the GitHub repo and setting it up themselves. The entire deployment process took me less than a minute, and then the app was live!

I am currently looking into various options for hosting the Hoodie-backed version of Troopr, having narrowed it down to Nodejitsu and AppBack. The source for that project is included in the same repo as the Firebase-backed Troopr.

All pull requests are welcome, I would like to keep improving Troopr over time as I learn better ways to build out these Front-End Driven Apps.

open Troopr | source code

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